January 30, 2006

What are some things to consider in planning a W&W trip?

Are there several dates or a season (Fall, Spring, etc.) that could be a possibility? Flexibilty is helpful as we must consider other teams and activities.

Team size:
How many people do you think might be involved? This helps us in project selection based on transportation and housing needs.

What type of project do you have in mind? Projects vary depending on location, time of year, etc. We always appreciate teams who are willing to assist with the greatest need.

The financial aspect of a project is something for you and the team to consider. Evaluate what a realistic and achievable goal is for your team to reach as a contribution toward the work project (typically $10,000 to $15,000).

Team expenses:
Exit tax per person (currently $40.80).  Our daily rate of $30 per person includes in-country ground transportation, food, housing, and utilities. It also includes at least one day of shopping and/or sightseeing and one meal in a nice restaurant.